The Carrot Project!

Bonjour, je m’appelle Sam et je suis photographe, parlez-vous anglais? This was the sentence I was carefully preparing in my head from GCSE french as I cowered under the stairs of derelict Chateau somewhere in Northern France.

So I am a Norfolk Carrot studying film production in Bournemouth UK who last weekend was offered a last minute trip to Paris.  I was to be accompanied by my friend James and two women he met off of the internet with the aim of entering abandoned buildings. I thought this sounded like fun and agreed not knowing what I had let myself in for and so began a new photography project. This blog will be a diary of my photography and the circumstances that led me to take the images. I will sometimes upload a picture here and there or even the odd collection of images. I am currently editing the photos from this trip but in the meantime here is a selfie I took when we got busted by the Gendarmerie.




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