Prickly Holiday Home

Me: “What’s the access?”
James: “This will be easy, I did have it but I didn’t think to look it up before we came.”

So we arrive at ┬áthe holiday home in a beach car park at 2pm on the hottest day of the year, whoops! A quick look around and we can’t find any access apart from a small crawl space through the brambles and in through a window. I spent the next 5 minutes crawling through the prickly undergrowth fighting my way to the small open window, this created much amusement for James and a beach goer who had stopped to watch. Once inside James casually strolled round the other side and went in the door. Knob!


Although looking as if it has been empty a long time it was in reasonably good condition, the beds were still immaculately made and and crockery neatly placed in the kitchen cupboard. ┬áThese are my favourite kind of places small, messy and crammed with stuff. Was a very different explore from St Joseph’s Seminary which we successfully spent 5 hours inside the weekend before but sometimes the adrenaline gets in the way of your photography and you can’t spend as much time on composing each image.



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