Crookham Court Manor: Video

We expected the beautiful room with the amazing skylight but didn’t expect the fake marijuana¬†plants littered about the building. It ¬†was a strange explore but then again it was a strange place. Crookham Court, a grand manor house used as a school set in an English woods was closed in 1989 after a series of child abuse allegations. This building certainly had an atmosphere inside. Walking round you couldn’t help but imagine what terrible secrets these walls hold. The building is a maze of bedrooms upstairs with downstairs containing reception rooms, a theatre, changing rooms, kitchen and gym. It felt very light and airy despite the well boarded windows thanks to being built around a central courtyard.

I decided to make a little video of this explore to give me something to edit while I await for september and access to the darkroom. Pictures and a more detailed description will come then.

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Exploring Crookham Court from Sam Meyer on Vimeo.