Château de Singes and the Naked Man!

So last month me, my friend James and two strangers went on a little photography adventure and my first introduction to urban exploration. This was the second visit on the trip and after spending the whole of the previous day in an abandoned mental hospital I felt this one would feel well, normal. We parked up at what we thought was the back and headed along the path. Turns out it was the front (whoops) and as well as being greeted by the magnificent 17th century mansion there was a mini bus, a van and a naked man with playing cards in his hair sat out the front. Un deterred we entered and discovered a large scale fashion shoot going on, with half a dozen people wondering around with cameras and at least the same again working on hair and makeup. They had even set up a props room complete with tables, chairs and a generator. We headed upstairs for the best chance of some quite corners to photograph. urbex516 Franceurbex8 15 minutes in and after only finishing my second photograph (the image above) James told me we have to get out of here. Sure enough there was a young confused french police women trying to get ID of all the trespassers including us. I disappeared quickly into another room throwing my light meter to the wind to see what snaps (and I do mean snaps) I could get before she got to us. Below is the only one I liked from my 60 second sweep. Franceurbex7-Edit Once spotted I think she told us to wait outside and she would take us to her car to get our passports. On our way out I managed to get this snap with James metering off of his Canon 6D. Franceurbex17 We joined the crew from the fashion shoot as well as the naked man outside on the naughty step waiting for the police women to check everyone’s identification. Not wanting to hang around we decided to leg it when her back was turned, my first time running from the law and it was quite fun but I’m not sure more criminals stop for a selfie by the police car. Anyway I think I would like to apologise to the french photographers for us parking our bright red car on the road getting them busted but I would also be really interested to see the images of the naked man they took that day.  It was a really fun quick visit and I got some of my favourite photographs of the trip in those few minutes, hopefully I will get another opportunity to spend some more time in this wonderful house.


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